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Hey Everyone, Just reminding you that TOMORROW... Fire In The Sky… - Breakdowns

Jul. 2nd, 2005

09:57 pm

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Hey Everyone,

Just reminding you that TOMORROW...Fire In The Sky presents has a very brutal metal show coming up and we have very limited tickets left!!

The lineup is

---MALEVOLENT CREATION (Nuclear Blast Records)
---ORIGIN (Relapse Records)
---ANIMOSITY (Black Market Recordings/Metal Blade)
---Continue The Fall (Pasco County, FL)
---Byam Klavor (Sarasota, FL)
[ @ The State Theatre ]
687 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL

Sunday July 3, 2005
Tickets $13 in Advance or $15 Day of Show

Tickets can be purchased right now through Ticketmaster here.....